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     Many consumers ask the question, "What are the different grades and why does it matter?"  Well it is a common but very important question.  First let me list the grades:

Beef Quality Grades

Grade Characteristics     Suggested Use

Prime Has abundant marbling and is generally sold in restaurants and hotels.   Prime roasts and steaks are excellent for roasting, broiling, and grilling (dry heat methods).
Choice Has less marbling than Prime grades, but is still high quality.   May be cooked with dry heat. Be careful not to over cook roasts from rump, round, and blade chuck. A meat thermometer can be helpful in cooking to a safe temperature.
Select Leaner than the higher grades. Fairly tender but may lack some juiciness and flavor of higher grades.   Only the loin, ribs, and sirloin should be cooked with dry heat Other cuts should be marinated before cooking or cooked with moisture.
Standard Has no marbling. Will lack juiciness and flavor of higher grades.   May be sold as ungraded or "store brand" meat.
Commercial May have marbling, but comes from a more mature animal and will lack tenderness.   May be sold as ungraded or "store brand" meat.
Meat from mature animals which lacks marbling.   Usually only sold as ground beef or processed meat.



     So the difference can mean everything!!  That is why our chopped steak is not hamburger but in fact, "CHOPPED STEAK".  When you look at our prices and our product you should be seeing two things:

     1.  Prices comparable to the current grades of meat you are already buying at the supermarket.

     2.  A much higher quality of meat.


     The USDA CHOICE VS. the three lower grades are worlds apart in flavor and can make or break a meal.  Please consider this in your next purchase.


Submitted by: Mark Sublette


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