What is flash freezing?

  • Our food items are vacuum-sealed and "flash frozen" in their own airtight packages. Flash-freezing is a revolutionary process of quick freezing (usually within seconds). This locks in all the flavors, juices, minerals and allows the products to keep perfectly for long periods--resisting freezer burn.

  • "Flash" freezing means Good Eatin' uses sophisticated, ultra-low temperture freezers to freeze their cuts immediately after they are individually vacuum packed. This quick freeze process is absolutely essential to maintain the flavor and texture of each cut of meat.

Why is flash freezing better?

  • Flash frozen foods have a much longer shelf life and they will not suffer freezer burn, but that is just the beginning. There are many other advantages to buying flash frozen foods.

  • First of all, rapid freezing has nutritional benefits because it maintains the quality of the product without artificial preservatives.

  • Taste is also superior because these foods are selected at the peak of quality and then flash frozen to seal in flavor, aroma and nutrition.

  • Another benefit of frozen foods: Convenience. The cleaning and other preparation has all been done for you. Easy preparation is a must in our busy world.

  • And, thanks to flash freezing, the availability of fish and seafood is never a problem. Even if you don't live near a seaport, you can still enjoy delicious, quality shrimp, crab, lobster and other fish and seafood. Our fish is cleaned, filleted, packaged & flash frozen less than 4 hours after catch, right onboard the fishing vessel.

What is portion control?

  •  Portion Control is a method of preparing food that was introduced in the United States about 20 years ago. It was developed so that restaurants and institutions could cut down on food preparation costs. We distribute our products to the public, by the portion rather than by the pound. Purchased this way, every item completely trimmed, individually wrapped and waste free, saves you time and money. It also offers you the convenience and flexibility of creating gourmet meals without the hassle of lengthy preparation of the headache of crowded supermarkets often offering food of lesser quality.

  • With Good Eatin's portion control, the cuts come individually wrapped to seal in flavor and prevent waste. Portion control packaging also helps prevent waste because the fat, bone and skin are already trimmed away. You actually get the net weight on your plate instead of paying for waste. That makes frozen foods the most economical choice for you and your family.

How long will my steaks last in the freezer?

Our steaks will last for over 9 months in the freezer without compromising the flavor or texture.

They will also resist freezer burn.

For the best flavor and tenderness, we recommend that you cook the steaks within 6 months.

Do you carry unfrozen meat?

Absolutely, we carry incredible hand-cut, to order, boneless Ribeye's and New York Strips. As well as, select poultry, pork, and seafood.

Where do you get your meat from?

Good Eatin' is a Colorado Proud company. We work with local suppliers and ranchers to deliver the best premium cuts to your dinner table. Good Eatin' is very selective about what we carry in our store. You can be confident that you will always get, wholesome, all-natural, non GMO meat in our store. In addition, you eat what we eat, and we don't eat junk.

Can you do custom or special orders?

You bet. Looking for exotic meats like Gator Tail, Rattlesnake, Elk, Venison, etc. We can get. Or maybe you just want some good ol' Black Angus or Kobe Beef cut to your specs, for that special occasion. We got you covered. Simply call get a price quote, place your order with a deposit and we'll have your selection ready for the grill, broiler, oven, or skillet within 72 hours (weekends excluded).

If I want to buy whole animals can you get that?

Is a pig pork? Of course we can. We've recently partnered with a 168 acre farm out in Brighton. We can get you 1/4's, 1/2's and whole sides of beef, hog, lamb, or goat.


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